Does Your Business Need A Blog-

You could probably guess what I would answer for this question. Of course your business needs a blog, BUT… yeah, there’s a “but”… it doesn’t have to be called a blog or function like what you imagine a blog should be. It could be called “News”, “Updates”, or whatever. Frankly, calling your blog “Blog” works best because people know exactly what to expect.

So why should your business even have a blog…

There’s a bunch of reasons, but since we have to relatively concise:

  • it explains to your audience why you’re top dog (the core of content marketing)
  • it’s good for SEO (a bonus!)
  • it’s good for driving traffic to your website
  • it’s good for good for getting people in your sales funnel

Is that enough? It should be. In case it isn’t, feel free to contact┬áme. In the meantime, watch our Short Answer video below…

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