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Your Facebook Page only has a few ‘likes’. You follow more people on Twitter than follow you. You only get Instagram likes from your parents. Let’s not sugarcoat it– buying fake fans to boost your numbers is a real temptation. Will it hurt your brand in the long run though?

Watch the Short Answer video below for our 15 second answer. Keep scrolling for our 200-ish word answer.

The answer is: IT COULD.

For the record: we have never purchased fake fans for any of our social media channels. The follower counts you see are mostly organic and partially from ads. 

We do not endorse buying fake fans for a few reasons:

  1. It’s dishonest
  2. It looks bad if you get caught by your audience
  3. It’s dishonest
  4. The internet powers (Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, etc) are always getting smarter AKA they could penalize you in the future)
  5. It’s dishonest

We won’t pretend there aren’t pros to buying fake fans. The main benefit is that you look more popular than you really are, and the validation of social proof is a real thing.

Want to find out if your competitor bought fake Facebook likes? Here’s how. 

Look. Do what you want. We won’t judge you. We might judge you a little. Just don’t come crying when to us when you’ve been called out publicly, or penalized by Google, or your business is failing because you didn’t build up a legit online audience.

You’ve been warned.

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