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For every person that swears by Facebook, there’s another person that claims Facebook is a waste of time and money. We’re here to set the record straight.

Watch the video below for the short answer, and continue reading for a more in-depth response.

There is only one answer to the proposed question in the title of this post: YES! And it’s an easy explanation: the targeting is too damn good to pass up.

Since Facebook started, the platform has been collecting data that we’ve voluntarily provided (in droves). We agreed to it when we signed up, even if we don’t remember agreeing. That data is as specific as it is immense. For a relatively small cost (compared to other less-effective ad platforms), your business can use that data to reach your customers.

Things you can target (not even close to the full list)…

  • People who are likely to travel to Costa Rica
  • People who drive Audis
  • People who want to buy an Audi
  • People who only pay cash
  • People who have birthdays coming
  • People who donate
  • People A single person– maybe a potential high value client
  • Most importantly, people who have already been to your website

Honestly, if you’re not already utilizing Facebook Ads and/or aren’t convinced, you’re already behind your competition. The conversation should be revolved around how you use Facebook Ads.

We go into detail in our post about the Facebook Funnel

Without going into as much detail as the above link, you have to think mostly top-to-middle-funnel. For the most part, you’re either introducing your brand to someone new, sharing light content to customers, or sharing content marketing pieces to an interested audience.

Promotional posts or ads don’t work well on Facebook because no one is on Facebook to buy– you’re interrupting them from reading about their friends. The exception to this is retargeting ads.

And how do you build your retargeting audience? By driving relevant traffic via your content marketing blog posts. Bingo!

We could go on and on, but we’ll save it for more Facebook marketing blog posts. In the meantime, comment below with everything you hated in this article, we dare you.

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