Is SEO Still Important- (1)

This shouldn’t even be a question, because the answer is always YES. As long as people use search engines to research and buy things, it’ll be important– which basically means forever (foh-ev-ah, Sandlot reference).

The people that ask this question are most likely confused with today’s version of SEO, which is basically everything. SEO used to be the quantity of backlinks and keyword cramming– stuff that robots could do. Does that kind of SEO work anymore? No.

Back in the day, you could pay X amount of dollars, and expect to receive X amount of results. Today, it’s not that simple. SEO is good web design, great content, social media, and quality backlinks. In fact, the best way to do SEO is to not think about it all– think about your customer. What’s useful for you customer?

A website that’s…

  • mobile-friendly
  • easy to navigate
  • full of relevant info
  • fast to load
  • descriptive
  • up-to-date

All of the above are examples of really good SEO. Do the same exercise with all other aspects of your business’s digital footprint, and you’ll understand what it takes to have good SEO.

SEO is still important because people are using Google more than ever. You want to be found on the search engines, and ideally above your competitors. What I’m trying to get at though is, don’t think about SEO as a standalone marketing tactic– think of it as the result of a collection of other good marketing strategies working together.

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