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Marketing Explained to 6 Year Olds

It’s recently come to my attention that I can be long-winded when it comes to explaining marketing concepts, strategies, or phrases. It’s not because I’m trying to impress you with my ostentatious jargon fancy words. It’s because I get too excited, and sometimes I forget who I’m talking to.

That, and I drink too much coffee.

When I’m blogging, I’m fine. I can cut out superfluous language to make sure I get to the point in exactly the right amount of words. When I’m talking though… it’s an area that I can improve.

I like quotes, and I recently stumbled on this Einstein quote that stuck out to me.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself” – Albert Einstein

It got me thinking– I know I know my stuff, but can I explain marketing to a 6-year-old. This was what I came up with…

Simple Definitions for 6 Year Olds

Content Marketing: Show-and-tell for businesses– the telling part is very important because no one will know what the business does otherwise. [ click to tweet ]

Social Media Marketing: having conversations with your friends on the playground so that you can get to know each other better.
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Email Marketing: sending interesting letters to only your best friends. [ click to tweet ]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): its like playing hide and go seek, but only in one room of the house. [ click to tweet ]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): telling your friend Google about your favorite thing to talk about– be descriptive because Google is slow. [ click to tweet ]

The Marketing Ecosystem: the different parts of marketing are like your favorite book– if I rip out a page or two, it’s not as good.

And just in case you wanted a longer, more adult-like definition of content marketing, read this early post I wrote: What Exactly is Content Marketing.

If you want the shorter version, keep reading this post… 

Simple Definitions for Adults

Content Marketing: creating and distributing content that helps your target audience make an educated purchasing decision

Social Media Marketing: building relationships with your customers and target audience in the places they like to hang out.

Email Marketing: reaching and growing a list of your most interested audience(s)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): paying to reach consumers on Google and Bing who are ready to convert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): helping the search engines know that you’re site is relevant for certain key searches

The Marketing Ecosystem: content, social media, email, SEM, and SEO are all needed for a balanced and effective marketing strategy

How’d I do? Comment below with your single sentence definitions of common marketing phrases.

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